CE Awards 2017: Takeuchi Releases a Mini Ex that Easily Changes from Electric to Diesel Power

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Exploration is the engine that drives innovation, so let’s go exploring. Let’s search through a year’s worth of creative ideas in the off-highway equipment industry and see if we can benchmark the innovative exploration of the American machine market. Over the last 12 months, global manufactures from Case to Kubota have released compact machines that have set new standards for power, versatility, efficiency and design. Our editors have traveled across the country to meet these manufacturers, operate their new products and give detailed reports and opinions both in print and on our website (compactequip.com). We sifted through the hundreds of models and brands released in 2017 and picked 25 units that set the new bar for innovation. With this article, we salute those companies that have changed the commercial equipment market over the last year with their unique, interesting and innovative machines, engines and technologies.

Keith Gribbins is associate publisher of Compact Equipment.

Takeuchi’s Hybrid Ex


Fitted with quick-attach systems, compact equipment like mini excavators brag about versatility, wielding a variety of mechanical and hydraulic attachments. Yet, Takeuchi-US’s TB216H compact excavator takes versatility to new hybrid levels. The TB216H features both an electric motor and diesel engine with its own pump group to power the machine’s hydraulics. The dual-power feature enables the operator to work both indoors or outdoors, greatly increasing versatility. The ignition, throttle, joysticks and travel functions are the same regardless of the mode selected to power the machine. This provides an easy transition for an individual coming off a machine that is strictly diesel powered. There is no drop off in performance regardless of the power source the operator chooses. Should the machine be connected to electric power while running the diesel engine, the diesel engine will automatically shut off and the machine will begin to run off electric power once the key has been cycled. The undercarriage is even retractable for tight spaces and indoor environments, going from 51.2 to 38.6 in. For more info, visit takeuchi-us.com.

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