Innovative Iron Award Winner: Develon’s DX62R-7 and DX63-7 Mini Excavators

Develon’s DX62R-7 and DX63-7 Mini Excavators

The Top Construction Landscape and Rental Equipment Launched in 2023

The world of off-highway machinery is evolving — battery-powered units, hydrogen engines, luxury and economy tiering, machine control automation — but maybe the biggest evolution is that everyone wants a compact machine. Small, tool-carrying construction equipment now make up about 50 percent of the U.S. machinery market with mini excavators and compact track loaders being the two most popular categories in America. To meet this enormous demand, machine makers released some pretty awesome machines in the past 12 months: advanced skid steers, electric asphalt pavers, entry-level grade control attachments and so much more. The 2023 Innovative Iron Awards celebrate the best of these compact equipment launches. Scouring tradeshows, visiting manufacturers, operating units, interviewing experts, this annual compilation represents the best equipment we’ve seen and experienced all year, including…

Develon’s DX62R-7 and DX63-7 Mini Excavators

DEVELON DX62R compact excavator

As an off-highway equipment category, mini or compact excavators were one of highest selling machine sectors in the United States in 2023. The 3- to 4-metric-ton size class was still the largest selling when it comes to mini diggers in North America, but the biggest growth segment was in the 5- to 6-metric-ton class — attractive because of their step up in reach, dig volume, lift capacity and capability to run bigger and more varied attachments. In the last 12 months, two new 6-metric-ton minis caught our collective eye — Develon’s DX62R-7 (reduced tail swing) and DX63-7 (conventional tail swing) — by setting a new (um) standard in a very competitive market.

This new duo outperforms the competition via a variety of factors — powerful digging and lifting, awesome attachment versatility, exceptional operator comfort — but their biggest attribute is that everything just comes standard. When maneuvering, the DX62R-7 and DX63-7 mini excavators will auto downshift (standard), so they won’t bog down when traveling. To reduce noise and save fuel, there’s the standard auto idle feature. Both the DX62R-7 and DX63-7 come thumb-ready and offer one-way/two-way hydraulic flow. For improved control, hydraulic flow is activated through the joystick, not the pedal. DX62R-7 and DX63-7 mini excavators also come standard with a high-performance heating and air conditioning system. A rearview camera is available as an option for increased visibility. Plus, the framed, full-glass doors provide exceptional visibility. Develon Fleet Management telematics system is standard on the DX62R-7 and DX63-7, so you can always stay on track with these diggers. Do you see what I’m talking about?

“The new DX62R-7 and DX63-7 mini excavators have been updated inside and out from their predecessors,” said Jacob Sherman, product and dealer marketing manager at Develon, in the press release. “They deliver impressive digging, uptime protection and smart technologies operators need to take on the toughest jobsites. We’re pleased to be expanding our lineup of Develon -7 Series mini excavators and designing them with more standard premium features, including telematics, high-performance air conditioning and much more.”

Like We Said, Lots of Tech and Amenities Come Standard

There are not many choices needed to select a DX62-7 and DX63-7 compact excavator because there’s a long list of standard premium features. First off, the cab with a high-performance heating and air conditioning system is standard. The standard thumb-ready arm eliminates the need for welding when adding a thumb. Durable thumb mounts are built into the excavator arm for improved versatility. Choose between 1.6 meter and 1.9 meter thumb brackets. Other standard features include a quick-coupler-ready design with hydraulic piping installed at the end of the arm, auto idle, auto downshift and a battery disconnect switch. For added safety, the standard travel alarm alerts others on the jobsite when the excavator is working.

Swinging in the Right Direction

DEVELON DX63 mini excavator on white background

Develon’s DX62R-7 and DX63-7 mini excavators are engineered to conquer a variety of tough jobs in landscaping, construction and underground utilities. The DX62R-7 is the sleek model with a reduced tail swing, nimbly spinning with just a little bit of machine hanging over the tracks. Both new -7 Series mini excavators are designed with a width-protected swing frame. Operators can get closer to their work, including being flush against a structure or wall when offset digging. The excavators’ swing casting and cylinders remain within the track width at full left-swing, making it less likely that operators will damage these components when working in tight or confined areas. An integrated counterweight improves the machines’ lifting capacity and robustness, and both come with optional long arms for those hard-to-reach spots.

Attachment Takers

The DX62-7 and DX63-7 excavators offer one-way/two-way hydraulic flow. For improved control, hydraulic flow is activated through the joystick, not the pedal. One-way hydraulic flow only requires hydraulic power in one direction, for such attachments as hydraulic breakers and plate compactors. Two-way hydraulic flow is ideal for mini excavator attachments that need bidirectional flow, such as hydraulic thumbs (clamps), rippers and grapples.

Luxury Cab, Cool Controls

Develon DX63 mini excavators digging in a forest

Long days? No sweat. The DX62R-7 and DX63-7 offer a luxurious cab experience with top-notch heating and air conditioning as standard. Control everything with a flick of your thumb, and enjoy exceptional visibility and safety features, including an optional rearview camera and high-beam LED lights. The DX62R-7 and DX63-7 mini excavators are designed with a framed, full glass door that provides great visibility to the area alongside the excavator. An optional rotating beacon is available for enhanced safety when operators are working in high-traffic areas or low-light situations. When considering the controls, a thumb switch on the right joystick controls auxiliary hydraulic functions, making fine adjustments effortless and improving operator efficiency and comfort throughout the day. Boom swing is controlled by a thumb switch on the left joystick rather than foot pedals. This control style is more comfortable to use and brings better metering and improved multifunctioning to the job.

Rock Out While You Work Out

Bluetooth audio lets operators jam to tunes or catch up on podcasts without missing a beat. And with selectable control patterns and a travel alarm, it’s all about working your way, safely and efficiently.

Whisper-Quiet, Fuel-Savvy

Shh! The auto idle feature keeps things quiet, saving fuel and making it easier to chat on the job. Plus, when the going gets tough, these excavators are ready to rev back up in an instant.

Easy Maintenance

Develon DX62R mini excavator on a white background

Daily maintenance is a snap. The DX62R-7 and DX63-7 offer simple access to filters and oil service points. A centralized boom swing cylinder greasing makes critical maintenance simple. A convenient battery disconnect completely disables the battery connection, protecting the battery life during extended storage periods. It can also provide an added measure of security on the job site after working hours. In addition, color-coded and labeled wiring and hydraulic hoses enable plug-and-play installation of electrical accessories — including the rotating beacon — and allow quicker, easier electrical troubleshooting.

Smart Telematics for the Win

Keep tabs on your mini powerhouse from anywhere with the Develon Fleet Management system (standard). Track machine health, location and productivity from the convenience of your phone or computer. Develon’s also got your back with its Smart X-Care service. Let their equipment specialists keep an eye on your machine and give you the heads-up when it’s time for a checkup.

There you have it — Develon’s DX62R-7 and DX63-7 mini excavators — small but mighty, smart and ready to revolutionize your workday. For more info, visit

Keith Gribbins is publisher of Compact Equipment.