Hyundai Compact Excavators Summarized — 2017 Spec Guide

Seven 9A Series Models Bring Big Power to Tight Spaces

Since 1981, Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas has provided equipment to meet the needs of customers throughout the United States and Canada. Hyundai introduced its first compact excavator — the R15-7 — in 2005, consistent with its strategy of providing a full spectrum of excavators to meet the needs of a broad range of customers and applications. The current 9A Series models, Hyundai’s fourth generation of compact excavators, offer power, durability and reliability, along with the ability to work productively in confined spaces.

Including the recently introduced R30Z-9AK model, Hyundai offers seven compact excavator models, ranging from the 3,920-lb R17Z-9A to the 19,290-lb R80CR-9A. The new Hyundai R30Z-9AK model fills an important place in its compact excavator product line, as the company sees growing demand for machines in the 3- and 3.5-ton class. Hyundai now has two strong entries in that market — the R30Z-9AK and the R35Z-9A.

The Hyundai R30Z-9AK excavator is powered by a Kubota engine delivering 23.2 hp. Its maximum digging depth is 8 ft, 2 in., and its maximum digging reach is 15 ft, 3 in. Bucket breakout force is 4,520 lbf. Configured with a canopy, the R30Z-9AK has an operating weight of 6,380 lbs. When specified with an optional cab, the machine’s operating weight is 6,625 lbs. Standard bucket capacity is .10 cu yds. Innovative, precision hydraulic system technologies make the 9A Series compact excavators fast, smooth and easy to control, says Hyundai. The boom swing function is designed for efficient work in congested areas. The boom can be offset left or right.

Control devices are all located for improved operator comfort and productivity. The hydraulic system provides fast operation with fine control capabilities. The frame ensures operator safety and complies with international standards for TOPS, ROPS and FOPS. The cab features a suspension seat and foldable pedals for added space, with multiple storage compartments. The monitoring system includes seven warning indicators, water temperature gauge, fuel gauge and hour meter for productive, convenient operating. Standard features include large dozer blades, quick-couplers for attachments and auxiliary hydraulic piping, enabling operators to take on a variety of jobs.

Advice to Buyers

“Look to your authorized dealers for help in specifying the right machine for your job,” said Michael Fuller, product specialist, Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas. “In addition to factors such as size, power and attachments, consider how you will transport the machine between jobs. Many compact models may be trailered along with a second machine such as a skid steer or another compact excavator. A very small model excavator may fit in the back of a pickup truck.”

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