Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas Excavators Summarized — 2021 Spec Guide

Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas excavator

The 9A Series Includes Models from 1.7 to 8 Tons

Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas introduced its first compact excavator back in 2005, the R15-7. Since the inception of its excavator line, the company has worked feverishly to make innovative performance improvements along the way. Its current product offering is the 9A Series, and its the company’s fourth generation of compact excavators. The 9A Series includes eight models that range from 1.7 to 8 tons.

Hyundai recently announced a variety of performance improvements to its all-new 8-1/2-ton class machine. The HX85A compact excavator features a reduced tail swing design for optimum maneuverability in confined work areas near walls and other unmovable structures. The HX85A is equipped with a Tier 4 Final, Stage 5 compliant Yanmar engine that produces 65.1 net hp. The Stage 5 engine powers an all-new load-sensing hydraulic system which allows for multi-functional operation and precise machine control. The standard 6 ft, 11-in. arm is equipped with a Werk-Brau compatible thumb bracket, two-way piping (with proportional controls) and a dual-locking quick-coupler (with lifting hook). The dozer blade received an increase in curvature allowing for a better grade, cutting ability and roll off of material. A four-way angle dozer blade is also available as an option. The machine also offers a two-piece boom option which provides a longer working range and prevents the operator from having to move the machine as frequently, which improves productivity and saves wear and tear on the undercarriage.

The HX85A offers a spacious, ergonomically designed cab that reduces noise and increases comfort and visibility. It is also equipped with a new safety feature, Hyundai’s all new Auto Safety Lock function, which prevents unintended operation of the machine in the event the operator is making contact with any hydraulic controls when unlocking the safety lever or engaging the pilot system. Based on preference, the operator can easily change between ISO and SAE controls with the simple press of a switch from inside the cab. You will also notice the new 7-in. full color touch screen monitor in the cab, which allows you to adjust auxiliary flow rate (with a flow range of 13 to 26.4 gpm), save up to 10 single acting settings and 10 double acting settings, change between two operation modes (Standard and Power), as well as one touch auto idle.

Hyundai’s remote management system HiMATE is equipped on the HX85A and is free for the first five years. HiMATE uses GPS technology to track Hyundai Construction machines at any time and in any location. The system monitors key machine components such as the engine, hydraulics and electrical system. The HX85A is protected by Hyundai’s three-year, 3,000-hour full-machine standard warranty and five-year, 10,000-hour structural warranty. An optional program, Hyundai Extend, offers a customized extended warranty with the industry’s longest-term coverage.

Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas excavator specs

Advice to Buyers

“As an operator, it’s important to know your machine, its capabilities and maintenance requirements. It’s also equally important to know your jobsite and understand the potential hazards that can cause trouble,” says Matt Gansser, director of national accounts with Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas. “When you walk the jobsite, make note of any variances in terrain. Note and give attention to the infrastructure utility markings both above and underground.”

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