China’s Popular XCMG Brand Releases 17 Excavator Models to the North American Market

XCMG Excavator, a subsidiary of China’s Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group, recently staged the grand launch of 17 new excavators at CONEXPO-CON/AGG — North America’s largest construction tradeshow — which was held from March 14 to 18 in Las Vegas. Read all of our coverage on the show right here. These XCMG units are specially designed and customized for the high-end North American market.

The U Series excavators, covering all tonnage levels, drew significant attention at the trade show due to their impressive performance, maneuverability, and quality. In the XCMG excavators interactive exhibition zone, visitors were invited to try out the models for themselves, including compact models like the XE27U, XE35U, XE55U and XE75U models, through a series of fun games including ring throwing, basket shooting, and beer bottle opening.

“I have had a very positive experience with these mini excavators. I also know that XCMG has a skilled service team, and I am very interested in learning about the other sizes of XCMG excavators too,” said Jolene Miller, a customer visiting the CONEXPO from Texas.

At the event, the company displayed its full range of excavators, a series comprised of models ranging from 4000 lb to 100,000 lb (1.8 to 49 metric tons), including the XE35U, XE155UCR, XE360U, and other top-selling models in North America. The U-series mini excavators have been favored by local customers for their operational flexibility, as well as ease of operation and maintenance. The North American market has a high level of urbanization and mechanization, so there is a huge demand for mini excavators. The mini excavators, ideal for urban and landscape projects, are equipped with engines that meet the emission standards in North America as well as cabins with ergonomic designs such as air conditioning and stereo, guaranteeing not only robust power, and flexible operation, but also safety and comfort.

XE35U, the flagship crawler excavator from the U Series, is equipped with a Yanmar engine that perfectly matches with the hydraulic system power to ensure it works in the best fuel consumption range. The auxiliary hydraulic pipelines allow a switch between one-way and two-way circuits, and the variable angle boom and compact slewing radius can guarantee smooth operations in confined construction sites. In addition, it features an ergonomically designed mechanical suspension seat and accessible maintenance spots through a tilt-forward canopy.

Meanwhile, the medium-large tonnage excavators from the U Series highlighting advanced designs of dynamic, hydraulic, safety, and intelligent control systems are also popular in North America, with a proven track record of high work efficiency, low fuel consumption, and convenient maintenance, and they’re deployed in projects including infrastructure construction, forestry development, and mining.

The XE300UF is the only forestry machinery equipment that XCMG exhibited at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2023 and is one of the best-selling special excavator products in North America. It’s equipped with the T4F Cummins engine, intelligent control system, dynamic power management, and a full-size, heavy-load reinforced chassis structure and enhanced chassis clearance that improves its roadblock passing ability.

“Solid to Succeed, XCMG is committed to not only providing customized and reliable construction equipment solutions to our customers in North America but also continuing to improve our local sales and service networks and thriving to break new grounds in technological innovation as a world-leading excavator manufacturer,” said Li Jinwu, Vice-General Manager of XCMG Excavator.

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