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New Machine Introductions and Updates from the Famous Brand

Manufacturing of Caterpillar mini hydraulic excavators began with an 8-metric-ton machine in Japan in 1987. Seven years later, the machines were introduced in North America. Today, there are 14 machines offered in North America ranging from the 300.9D that weighs less than 1 metric ton to the 308E2, which is an 8-metric-ton Tier 4 Final machine with a high-definition hydraulic system.

In the less-than-3-ton range, there are six machines (300.9D, 301.4C, 301.7D, 301.7DCR, 302.4D and 302.7D CR) that meet the various needs of operators on a wide array of jobsites. Cat has the 303E CR in its E Series lineup. The 3-metric-ton machine is the right solution for customers seeking an easily transportable machine for restricted areas, congested jobsites and demanding applications. The 60-in. width and 7,782-lb machine offer a compact radius design.

E2 Series models including the 303.5E2, 304E2, 305E2, 305.5E2, 307E2 and 308E2 offer a powertrain that provides optimized engine horsepower, says Cat. The machines offer fast, powerful digging with load-sensing hydraulics and a flow sharing system as part of the integrated high definition hydraulic (HDH) technology.

Also, the COMPASS (Complete Operation Performance and Security System) display panel comes standard in mini hydraulic excavators from the 303.5 up to the 308. The monitor offers such capabilities as: adjustable auxiliary control; continuous flow setting; auto idle selection; and the Site Reference System. Cat has also just recently introduced new models and new configurations to its fleet, meeting customer needs for more versatility, such as the 304.5E2 XTC (Extra Tool Carrier), the 308E2 VAB (Variable Angle Boom) and the 300.9D VPS (Versatile Power System) unit that can run on diesel or electricity via an electric power pump.

Advice to Buyers

“Research the correct machine for your business or application. We have 14 models from one ton to eight ton to match and meet your needs,” says Jennifer Burgess, marketing development engineer with Cat. “Pay for what you need. Do not over spec a machine if it will not be of any benefit to your operation. If you are using hydro mechanical tools, make sure you are purchasing a unit that has the capability to match your requirements.”

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