Bobcat Introduces E40 Compact Excavator, New Model Numbers for 3-to-5-Ton Excavators

Bobcat Company has expanded its lineup of compact excavators to include the newly released Bobcat E40. As part of the lineup expansion, Bobcat has also revised the model numbers for its 3-to-5-ton excavator lineup to more closely align with the industry’s size class.

With the E40, operators get high performance, fast cycle times and optimal maneuverability with practical features and pricing to match. It’s a minimal tail swing excavator, with less than two inches of overhang and a standard long arm. The E40’s lift capacity is among the best in its class. It delivers an over-the-blade lift capacity and over-the-side lift capacity that competitors can only achieve – or come close to – with conventional tail swing models.

The E40 is an ideal jobsite solution for those who demand leading performance, convenient trailering and the maneuverability to complete challenging work in confined jobsites. The E40 offers premium performance with simplified option packages for base-level pricing. Features of the new E40 include:

  • Powerful non-DPF, turbocharged Bobcat engine
  • Standard long arm
  • High lift capacity and powerful slewing performance
  • Dual-flange track roller system for improved lift performance and a smoother ride
  • Standard low-effort joysticks, LED lights and integrated lift eye
  • Extensive attachment versatility

The E40 will be available in late 2023. Bobcat will preview the E40 in booth 3052 at Equip Exposition, Oct. 17-20, in Louisville, Kentucky. 

Updated Model Numbers

The Bobcat E38

With the introduction of the new E40, Bobcat has revised select model numbers in its 3-to-5-ton excavators’ size class to better reflect the machines’ size and performance within the industry.

“Our compact excavator lineup within the 3-to-5-ton size class has grown, and the updated model numbers better reflect the outstanding performance capabilities that empower our customers to accomplish more each and every day,” said Mike Wetzel, director of product development at Bobcat Company. “The updated portfolio more closely aligns with the excavators’ capabilities when compared to other machines within the same size class.”  

The model number changes are as follows:

  • The 33-hp Bobcat E35 has been renamed the Bobcat E38. This zero tail swing excavator provides for unobstructed rotation while the turbocharged engine and proven Bobcat hydraulics produce the digging, lifting and slewing capabilities you might expect in a larger, less maneuverable compact excavator. The 25-hp Bobcat E35 will retain its model designation.
  • The Bobcat E42 has transitioned to the Bobcat E48. The conventional tail swing E48 is a well-balanced machine, delivering the horsepower, precise controls and comfort for increased productivity and first-rate jobsite results.  
  • The Bobcat E50 has been renamed the Bobcat E55. A minimal tail swing excavator with less than one inch of overhang, the E55 puts more power and controllability in a compact package—all designed to support faster cycle times and take operator productivity to the next level.   

With these changes and the launch of the E40, the Bobcat 3-to-5-ton compact excavator lineup now includes: E32, E35, E38, E40, E48 and E55. Bobcat offers compact and larger excavators ranging from 1-2-ton to 16-18-ton size classes, as well as battery-electric excavator models.


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