Northern Tool + Equipment expands line of NorthStar Air Compressors

NTE-NorthStar Electric Air Compressor-3HP-47500Northern Tool + Equipment, a leading supplier of high-quality tools and equipment, has expanded its exclusive NorthStar product line to include two new electric air compressors.

The durable air compressors — which are available in 3- and 5-hp models — can be used for a wide range of commercial jobs and will provide continuous use of industrial-grade air tools at high pressures while limiting energy costs.

“The new NorthStar Electric Air Compressor design was driven by a user-focused approach and commitment to quality and durability,” said John Bakke, Vice President of Merchandising at Northern Tool + Equipment. “Many of the product features were designed for ease of use and to improve efficiency when completing a variety of tasks.”

A host of features will bolster the compressors’ lifespan. Both are equipped with a cast iron, oil-lubricated, single-stage pump that runs quietly and prevents heat transfer between cylinders. The heat-resistant alloy steel reed valves are specifically designed for improved pump efficiency and a longer valve life. Double ringed-style pistons allow for a longer head life and less oil consumption while the bearings on each side of the crankshaft are smooth running and durable, providing 20,000-hour bearing life.

Utility and safety have also been maximized in the new compressors. Users are allowed to check oil levels easily with the oil sight gauge and the heavy-duty air filter will keep the cylinder heads clean. The remote style ball valve drain connects to the bottom of tank and has an extension hose for easy access. The products also feature copper finned inter- and after-coolers in order to dissipate heat and reduce moisture, and the durable metal belt guard keeps users safe in rugged shop environments.

The 3-hp compressors deliver 11.3 CFM at 90 PSI and 12.5 CFM at 40 PSI. The 5-hp compressors provide 15.5 CFM at 90 PSI and 17 CFM at 40 PSI.

Visit Northern Tool + Equipment’s website for additional product information.

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