PERC Launches ‘Clean American Innovation’ Series

Those with a desire to see cutting-edge propane technologies in production should checkout the the Clean American Innovation video series by the Propane Education & Research Council.

The video series includes interviews with leading U.S. equipment manufacturers highlighting their investment in developing and commercializing new propane technologies.

Companies featured in the Clean American Innovation series include Freightliner Custom Chassis Corp., Generac, Kohler Engines and Power Systems, Marathon, Origin Engines, Power Solutions International, and Roush CleanTech. The videos also include testimonials on why clean, American propane is a strong business investment.

“These world-class companies continue to build and commercialize new equipment that runs on propane for good reason: Propane is a smart investment. It’s clean, economical, and it performs,” said Roy Willis, PERC president and CEO. “On top of that, these companies stand behind propane because it’s an American-made fuel that supports American jobs and our domestic energy independence.”

Propane has proven to be a reliable fuel for U.S. manufacturing companies looking to meet increasing demand for powerful, proven products that can reduce both emissions and operating costs for customers. Technologies from these manufacturers benefit a variety of industry segments including agriculture, residential and commercial, on-road fleets, off-road, commercial landscaping, and industrial.

• Freightliner Custom Chassis builds dedicated propane-autogas-powered vehicles such as the Propane S2G, and explains how this technology benefits fleet managers.
Generac engineers the EcoGen home backup generator, the first automatic backup generator warranted for off-grid use that runs on existing propane supply.
• Kohler Engines manufactures a closed-loop EFI propane engine for use in commercial lawn mowers; it’s one of the greenest, most fuel-efficient small engines on the market today.
• Kohler Power Systems explains how their propane-powered mobile generators can reduce fuel costs by 15 to 20 percent.
• Marathon Engine Systems produces the Ecopower CHP system, which recovers heat for space and water heating as it produces electricity. The system increases energy efficiency while lowering operating costs and emissions.
• Origin Engines constructs engines for agriculture and industrial use. Propane provides the horsepower, precision, and performance that customers need.
• Power Solutions International is one of the most diverse manufacturers of propane engines in the world, constructing engines for industrial, agriculture, on-road, off-road, and material handling uses.
• Roush CleanTech, a Ford qualified vehicle modifier (QVM), discusses the numerous advantages propane autogas which provides over conventional fuels and highlights major fleet customers who have adopted the company’s Ford vehicle offerings.

The Clean American Innovation video series is available now on

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