ICYMI: Electric Incentives, IronCraft’s Snow Cannon, Techy Tractors and More

Cheers to the weekend, am I right? It’s in the 80s and sunny here in Ohio, so we are ready to close our laptops and enjoy the next couple days. But before we do that, here’s some top news from the week.

1. Electric Incentives. Are you interested in electric equipment but nervous about the price tag? Good news: There are federal and state incentives that help balance the high price of buying electric and construction equipment.

2. IronCraft’s Snow Cannon. Winter will be here before we know it (gross). Be prepared with IronCraft‘s awesomely named Snow Cannon tractor attachment and clear even the heaviest snow quickly and efficiently.

3. Cheers to 75 Years. We love a good celebration (I mean I did work for Hallmark and a year-round Christmas store in college), so we were excited to hear Vermeer turns 75 in 2023. The equipment icon has had an awesome first 75 years and we can’t wait for the next. Congrats!

4. Techy Tractors. Today’s compact utility tractors are full of technologies designed to help operators do more. Come see how companies like John Deere, Massey Ferguson and more are loading their models up with features that boost productivity.

5. Makita’s Material Movers. Want to move more material with less stress on your body? Consider one of Makita U.S.A. Inc.‘s three new material handling solutions. Check them out at the link below!