ICYMI: UTV Coverage, The Search for John Deere’s CTO and More

It’s Friday! Woo hoo! To celebrate, I’m sharing some cool news from the week. I’m so predictable, huh? Well, enjoy!

1. and 2. UTV Coverage. If you’re a longtime reader, you know I love when we cover utility vehicles. This week, we shared two UTV features: An article on how to prep your UTV for the spring work season and a showcase highlighting six models that are perfect for moving people, materials and more. Go check them out!

3. John Deere + Brock Purdy. John Deere is on the hunt for its first-ever Chief Tractor Officer, and the company has recruited NFL QB Brock Purdy to help. Learn more at the link below!

4. The Future Is Here. Come see how Bobcat is shaping the future of compact equipment with electric and AR innovation in our latest Machine Heads video. Kick back, relax and watch. It’s Friday, which is basically the weekend anyhow — you deserve a break.

5. Just Mow for It. Looking for a new mower for your utility tractor? Let us help you figure out which one to choose with the article below.

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