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Are LED tower lights the future of jobsite lighting?

Reports out of the equipment rental industry indicate that many contractors now prefer LED light towers as opposed to traditional metal-halide light towers. Reasons for this shift include significant improvements in lighting quality, energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

LEDs focus the light in a specific direction — similar to a spotlight — whereas conventional lamp bulbs reflect light in every direction. This means the amount of light emitted from a conventional bulb may not seem as strong, or appear as bright, as the light emitted from an LED bulb. LED technology also uses less energy, helping cut down on energy costs.

This efficiency of light and energy may allow contractors to opt for smaller tower lights on the jobsite. Smaller light towers are easier to transport and can be plugged into smaller, portable generators — cutting out the need for larger diesel engines to power the tower light.

And perhaps its biggest benefit beyond energy efficiency is an LED bulb’s lifespan. According to, an LED bulb can last 25 times longer than a traditional bulb, leading to less maintenance and waste.

While metal-halide light towers remain a reliable option for many applications, powerful lighting and the low-maintenance convenience of fewer bulb burnouts make LED tower lights an emerging choice for jobsite lighting.

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